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Saturday, 30 May 2015

In this post I just want to write it raw with little editing, written from my heart about what it's honestly like for myself living with anxiety. Maybe some can relate and maybe others won't relate. It's okay, it's a chance to learn and maybe relate. 

I hope that it is some-what informative to some of you. 

Where to start? I feel like I've always dealt with minor anxiety that most people may experience with exams and going for interviews. However, over time my anxiety got worse ever since my first Panic Attack (read link to read the story and for more information on panic attacks). It started off with worried thoughts as simple as: "What if I get a panic attack again?" and I used to always just make sure I took everything easy to ensure I never had another panic attack, it became almost like an OCD problem.

Then it got worse, I started feeling my heart constantly to check it was beating normally and making sure that I was never alone in case something happened to me. Not long after my panic attack I went through a short period where I didn't want to be even be upstairs alone just in case it randomly happened again and no one was there to help. I started to get more worried about small spaces, like crowds. I have never liked them, but it never used to be a big problem where I felt like I couldn't breathe and that tends to be how it is now. 

Anxiety and panic attacks are very much related but not quite the same. Anxiety is a feeling (a horrible feeling) where we tend to worry a lot and a panic attack is sometimes a result of the anxiety.

I feel overtime my anxiety has gotten a lot better, but because of the muscle tensions, I soon started developing chest pains which I know is from my anxiety and I got a trapped nerve in my left arm.

 I came home one day from college because I feared horrible 'what if' thoughts about my arm, "It's my left arm so there's something wrong with my heart" I did go to a doctor to have everything checked out and they said I'm healthy and nothing is wrong. Reassurance is always the key.
 I just keep reminding myself now when I get heart flutters or chest pains that it is purely because of my anxiety, nothing terrible is wrong- professional doctors have told me so. I strongly recommend you talk to someone if you have anxiety, seeing a therapist doesn't mean you're going insane and it's most certainly not embarrassing. I'd even recommend going to see a therapist even if you think you are perfectly fine because looking after your mind is so important and you can learn so much about yourself.

Recently I have been experiencing yet again ANOTHER anxiety symptom. Tension Headaches.
Again more "what-if" thoughts. The thing I have realised is, when we experience symptoms of anxiety it actually feeds the anxiety because you feel like something is wrong. Next time try and remind yourself that what you're experiencing with anxiety is NORMAL.  If it helps, get advice from your local GP and get check up if you are truly concerned, it may even put your mind at ease.
Anxiety is bad enough without having all the horrible side effects that come with it, but anxiety comes with a package and it is possible to overcome it.

Sometimes it all gets a bit too much, I try to not let anxiety take over because I am so thankful for each and every day and the amazing people around me supporting me. I am trying to accept it now and replacing bad thoughts with positive ones. I also believe in positive vibes, so if you have managed to read this far then just remember to spread kindness everywhere you go, you don't know everyone's story or what they are experiencing, be kind. Throw kindness around like confetti.

Moral of this is. I am proud that anxiety has been apart of me (and still is partially) because:
-It has made me want to start this blog; to keep me happy and busy.
-It has made me be more thankful and graceful.


If you have anxiety, I know exactly how you are feeling, honestly, I do. It isn't nice. But pretend you are holding my hand as I say this "you are fine! Enjoy your life and don't have any regrets."

Thank you if you did read all of this, I hope it was helpful in some way or the other, remember to always spread love to everyone you meet. I'd really like it if anxiety got more awareness, it's such a common thing that people have and it needs more attention. 

Minnies | Picnic- playday in the sun

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My little ones had a picnic today in the garden whilst sitting with me in the sun!
They had there Romaine Lettuce and carrots & I had my lunch and a nice ice-cold drink.

Aren't they the cutest!

Meet Bambi ♥

So you have now met Belle, time to meet my other baby Bambi!

Meet Bambi 
 Now where to start! This little fluffy madam is so mischevious! She will literally cuddle up and chat away to anyone. She is a lot chubbier than Belle but she is very cuddly!

Her favourite food is dandelions from the garden, she loves having them as a little treat! She is a happy little piggie, always pocorning and always gets VERY excited for her veggies! 

Bam Bam always comes out to say hello and she comletely trusts us. She is never quiet! 
Fact: Bambi can kiss on demand, and can run to her cage from another room! She is really clever, *Proud Piggie Mummy Moment*

Hugs? Gladly! Bambino is definately more playful and lively than her sister. She even seems to enjoy bath time! She's honestly such a beautiful piggie, just look at that faaacceeee! 
 I love her! 

So now you have met both of my piggies! 
If any of you have piggies what are their characcteristics like?
Having my piggies make me so so happy and always cheer me up!

Wheek! Ciao! xxx

Meet Belle ♥

I have realised that I've never properly introduced you to my little Piggie Babies. Each of them have their own little characteristics!

Meet Belle 

 So this is my little girly. Belle Boo is actually soooo tiny! She is 9 months old and is very dainty. Her favourite food is cucumber & she loves cuddling up to soft things.

Ever since we made a guinea pig play pen outside, Belle is slowly but steadily becoming more energetic. She is still very shy and likes hiding away unlike her sister Bambi, but we still love her anyway- it's cute!

Look at that fluffy fur! She is absolutely adorable. She get's quite scared sometimes but once she realises she is safe and sound she loves to cuddle up to you! She is really beautiful!

 She is honestly a guinea-pig Princess. She likes being spoilt! She isn't very noisey but when she speaks to you she has such a cute squeaky voice, she loves telling you about her day!

She loves strolling around in her little bow too! (we only put it on her for a short time not constantly) I'm so proud to have this liccle one!
Belle has a message for you all: "wheeeeeeekkkkkkk hewoo! Thanks for rweading! :3 wheekk"

Hehe, Ciao! xxx

Minnies | Arty Day

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I had a mini art day, it was thoroughly relaxing.
Do any of you revert back to drawing/ painting/ designing when having some 'you-time'? 

Let me know below what you do when in a creative mood!

I'm no expert at art, but I had such a fun time doing it! Xx

Minnie- Big weekend! | Swimming Day, bike rides & cakes!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Heyooo Everyooneee!!!

Fraz came down on the Friday to come and see me before my birthday. He does live farish away but we always make it work & we do get to see each other ALOT which is really super- good hehe! He wanted to come down and see me before my birthday and I thought it would be fantastic to have a swimming day. So on the saturday; Fraz, Lily & I went together, I couldn't take any pictures as I didn't bring my camera and I'd rather it was kept safetly at home. The indoor pool we went to was incredible, water shoots and waves and lots to do- it was so much funnnnn! 
After we just went to good ol' McD's, (I always have a happy meal, shhh!)

This was the cute pink-hearted bag I took swimming with me and I love it! It fits all I need in including my huge towel! The bottom of the bag is really strong and steady as are the handles. What I like most about the handles is that they are super comfy on my shoulder they never seem to dig into me, it's just the perfect sized bag. Just look at the cute little heart button urgh! 

We made Rice Krispie cakes on the Sunday! We used golden syrup with ours, milk chocolate and added sprinkles, and let's just say there is now only one left! Yum!

Me & Fraz also went on a bike ride together around the village it was amazing! I actually haven't been on my bike for aggeess! :O 
When was the last time you lovely lot went on your bikes?

Arnesby Fair was on today, the village roads were closed off  & there was cake stalls, games, raffles, shows, barbecues and everyone had a good time. Thankfully it didn't rain and it was overally just a really good weekend.

I love having these chatty type of blog posts about my weekend, and I'd love to hear about everyone else's also! Even if it was just sitting indoors all day- it's still something! Let me know three things below I'd love to have a little read. Also, let me know if you enjoy these type of blog posts!

Ciao! xxx

Minnies | Morning Quote!

Friday, 22 May 2015

& Goooooooood Morning!
Here's a nice & happy, jolly quote to start your day off wonderful 

Minnies | Cupcakes!

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Not too long ago, me and the girls had a cupcake decorating day and here were the one's I decorated
 (very princessy-like of course)

I think they were Vanilla flavoured cupcakes, we applied a dollop of buttercream icing and placed the rolled out icing on top to form a dome shape. (I added a pink food colouring to my icing).
The rest was super fun. Experimenting with different icing-cutters, food glitter and edible beads!

Best of all...they were super yummy! 

Ciao! xxx

Minnies | Finished Exams!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Today I did my LAST exam for the year!
That means no more revision!

I'm still on study leave though until the 8th June (Same day I'm getting my braces ehe!)
this is because some people still have some exams left to do. So lots of time to relax! 

Bye bye exams! 

One step closer to getting braces!

Monday, 18 May 2015


So a little thing you may or may not know about me...I'm getting braces!

For some this news may not be too exciting which is understandable as it's a reeeallyy common thing to have- but to me, it's the best news ever *squeaakk* !!!!!! Since I was little, my teeth have always looked too big for my mouth and now I have grown, they look a normal size... BUT now I have too much room and I have quite a few gaps between my teeth which are not just at the front, plus they stick out a little bit.
 I have always wanted to have braces mainly as it's something I think I'd enjoy having, it's a change and change is good sometimes.

I am having to pay for mine privately and that meant today I was able to go in and have my x-ray's done of my teeth and I had the dreaded moulds (dearry meee I was scared)!
I read up on what it's like to have the moulds done and people said things such as:
 "It made me feel sick"
"I felt like it was going to the back of my throat"

Despite hearing these things I went in with a smile and was ready for it all, smiles make everything better sometimes. The x-rays were kinda weird to have done, and as for the moulds? It was fine! I can breathe through my nose pretty easily with my mouth open so it made it really easy peasy lemon sqeezy. It feels alot like playdough but squishyer (oh boii that word). I don't know why but today at the dentist I actually enjoyed it! I think it helps with the sick feeling if you ensured that your tongue doesn't touch the mould. There was only one tincy wincy bad part and that was when they pulled out the mould, felt like all your teeth are gonna drop out! (Only kidding it's not that bad!)

So now my due date to have my braces fitted are on the 8th June and I am super excited! I will miss my tooth gap but at least I can say I've had one and enjoyed it, now it's time to say goodbye to it! (sheesh! Making it sound like a romance story!) 
There's nothing wrong with tooth gaps what so ever. Infact, some people rock them and those people I have seen are truely beautiful! Saddly mine to me just looks strange, but that might just be me that thinks that- everyone else tells me they look fine, but still, it's be nice to have something different.

So in a nutshell that's me getting excited for something most people hate!

Ciao for now!

Best Friend Tag

Saturday, 16 May 2015

  Lily & Me ❊

How and when did you meet?
Our first day of high school we were all forced to go on an adventure trip for three days to learn team work and make friends with all the new people that would soon become your peers. Everyone was able to choose their room mates and I was teamed up to share a room with some girls I previously knew from my primary school. Lily came from a different primary school and we had never met before, I said she could come share with us and it was the best decision ever made and from that day on we have practically been like sisters.

Describe your best friend in one word

Something that annoys you about your best friend?
Two Words: COLD. FEET. (she knows exactly what I mean) haha!

Favourite inside joke?
"Keep it cleaaaaaannnnn" *currently laughing now*

Something you are both obssessed about?

Do you and your bestfriend have anything matching?
We have quite a few tops and clothing items that are the same. We wore the same dresses abroad!

Ever been on holiday together?
Of course! We went to Majorca, Spain. It was brilliant having my best friend tag along with me! 

Do you share a favourite colour?

Name something your bestfriend may not know about you?
I still think she looks a little like meg from Family Guy! Haha, sorry lils!

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
About the same. But recently it has been me who takes the longest! Whoopsie daisy!

What nickname do you give to your bestfriend?

If you have a best friend tag them below in the comments!

Ciao xxx

Rimmel London Makeup

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Heyyyooo there Beauty Bundles!

So I know this won't be the only blog I will be making on Rimmel London as I find them a very good high street brand which you can easily find in stores such as Superdrug & Boots.

Not too long ago I thought I would try out a few bits from their range and see how much I would reccommend them.

 These were the first two I picked up from the Rimmel London shelf at Superdrug. I love this foundation as it does what it says and it gives you the appearance of looking more awake aswell as feeling it. The concealer is an added bonus to this foundation as unlike most other concealers, this actually does the job very well of hiding dreaded dark circles and blemishes on my skin.

 with this being my first time using a product from their range I actually find this shade (100- Ivory) a little too dark for my skin tone, so this will be my holiday shade of choice (the added SPF will also be a bonus here).

Now, this shade of foundation (010- Light Porcelain) is a perfect match for my skin. It is a little bit lighter than my actual shade but I tend to darken my skin up anyhow with some good ol' bronzer. Although it doesn't have much coverage, it's really nice and light- feeling on the skin. It is good for all skin-types in my opinion so definately worth giving it a go if you haven't already. I love this foundation.
This stay matte is beautiful. I enjoy applying this with the 'Real Techniques Arched Powder Brush-100' and I just apply it evenly on my face. I tend to usualy stick with the transparent colour but I am also starting to like the 'Peach Glow' (shown above) as it adds that nice glowy touch of colour to my face.
Hide the blemish concealer reminds me very much like them suncreams that look like a pritt-stick glue that u just apply directly onto your face. This concealer looks very much like rolling up a beige lipstick but smells EXACTLY the same as them facial suncreams that I used to have as a kid (agree? Or am I going mad?)
ANYWAYS, enough of my childhood nostalgic memories...I find that it perhaps isn't the best product in the world for blending in and can look and feel quite dry when applied but it does do it's job at covering up all the blemishes on my face. 

Long Lasting? Hmm, all of these above tend to stay on really well and doesn't smudge very easily- but my face does get and look a lot drier by the end of a long day...but that maybe because I have naturally dryish skin. Give it ago and let me know your thoughts?

 I truely love the Rimmel London lipglosses. They last for AGES. It doesn't feel cheap and tacky and you can actually see the colour clearly on your lips. It feels nice and watery when applying (and not thick and nasty) and glides really well with the lipbrush. This was the first colour I picked up (340- Captivate Me) and I will DEFINATELY be picking up some other shades of colours in the future.

What are your reccommendations on Rimmel London? 
Let me know below!

Ciao xxx


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

This may be a stressful time for most of you with your exams right now. 
Exams can be really useful in helping you get into university, or giving you that extra push you need for your future. However, don't let them get you over stressed, sure, work hard at them and use that opportunity to give it the best you can...but enjoy them. When one is over and done with that's one less exam you have left to do. You can get there! 
You can also have a happy and successful future, grades don't determine everything in life. They are a letter, a grade on a piece of paper, don't let it determine your abilities and opportunities. Most importantly, don't compare yourself to others.

When you go into one of your exams, you may have the horrible thoughts in your head much like: 
"I'm going to fail!"
"I can't do this!"
"I feel like everyone is staring at me"
"I can't remember this!"

How to not worry in an exam
Calm Down! Take loads of deep breaths. I am currently going through exams myself right now and it's not nice at all, particularly since I have anxiety and I am that one person that feels like everyone's looking at me. Just clear your mind of all negative thoughts, just write down what you know. Overthinking with thoughts that aren't necessary will only distract your concentration. It's okay if you don't know some questions, move on and go back to it. You are so bright in so many ways and everyone has different capabilities, this may be your most dreaded subject, but it's okay. You're not expected to enjoy everything, I find when you don't enjoy what you learn, you don't really learn it at all. That's okay.

What I do in exams
What works best for me, is pretending you have someone special next to you if you feel anxious. Think that they are there next to you protecting you and sending you all the answers haha! Personally, Gareth and I exchange our imaginary fairy that does exactly that (sounds silly but I love it, it really helps us both). The mind plays a big part in it, yes the brain is where all your knowledge is but it's also where all our thoughts and feelings are, just remember to remain calm and do your best. It's not the end of the world. Your grade should never determine your future and happiness.

"Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do" ~Dr.Spock

I wish every single one of you reading this the best of luck! Not just for those taking exams, but in anything you do. You can do it.

Also! Happy Birthday Mr.R-Patz. You're amazing!

My Holiday to Greece!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Heyyoo Pretties! 

So today I was super happy that summer is on its way! For those that know me, they know that it is my FAVOURITE season. In summer, I am at my happiest. 

I was looking through some of last years photos from my holiday to Greece & I thought that I would share them here with you all. Greece is such a beautiful country and I can't wait to have another holiday there again, I am definately going to try and learn the language soon in the future.

Where we stayed there were 3 beaches. One main beach that was popular, and the rest I liked to consider hidden little beaches, they were very beautiful.

The shops there were adorable. It created such a nice atmoshere, all cheery and happy and everyone smiling. Plus, it smelt ah-maz-ing always, they sold a lot of soaps which of course I purchased. They are all wrapped and presented so delicately.
Have you seen these traditional Greek dolls? (I really love them)

Here was where we could eat breakfast everyday. It was really peaceful, I wish I could still be here every morning.

The meals and drinks we had everyday were such good quality, it was my first chance to try proper Greek food- two words...Yummy Scrummy!

Our family evening walks was probably my favourite thing to do on holiday. Me and my mum both enjoyed getting dressed up. 
My dress was from New Look, I simply love it! 

There was a lot of friendly cats around. I seemed to attract them all *wink* I'm a cat magnet.

Can I be back here please? 

*shameless mirror selfie*

Well that's all from me today for this post. Hopefully they make you feel just as excited for summer as I am! 

Ciao xxx

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