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I'd like to think it's unique ♥

Friday, 17 April 2015


Right from when I was a little girl, I have always been coming up with new & unique ideas.
To me and my imagination- the T.V remote was a library scanner when playing librarians, my wardrobe became my 'high school locker' when playing 'teenagers' and my bed would become a 'boat' when going on a 'holiday' with my friends and dollies. 

Strange, but unique. Sometimes, even now, I will come home from a long day out and about and think..."hmm, I have just had an amazing idea for some crafts" and I will produce some amazing things that I often share with you on my blog. 

 I will always try and make my blog unique and that's the reason why I enjoy my blog, I love writing on my own little space on the internet & I hope it's enjoyable for you to read.
 There's more to come from Minnie Memee (update: now AmeBella)! You just have to come on this journey with me.

Pinky Promise

Whatever it is, I always seem to have new ideas in my head and I would like to think the same about my blog. My blog design includes everything I like: my love for fairy lights, pastel colours, my guinea pigs...I wanted to give it a magical & warm feeling whenever someone clicks onto my blog.

I thought I would explain a little bit more about this blog and why it is different to others out there, because everything is unique in their own individual ways. AmeBella isn't the best but it's mine and I LOVE it, it is truly the best thing I have ever started. 

I hope you love it too!


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