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50 Facts about me!

Friday, 10 April 2015

You should by this point know quite a bit about my blog style. But I thought you might also like to know a bit about myself.
 Therefore, I felt this would be a fun little way to get you to know some things about myself. :)
1.  Everyone gives me the nick-name: Memee [me-me] (which gave me the name inspiration for my 'first' blog name).
2. I appear very shy, but once you get to know me I'm very warm and loving.

3. My favourite flower is a Lily.

4. I love pastel colours.

5. I'm in a very happy relationship with Gareth (Mr.T).

6. My favourite animal is a Turtle or a Koala (I can't quite decide!)

7. I am a Disney girl. I love everything Disney.

8. My name 'Amelia' origins from Latin, it means 'striving'.

9. I am interested in animal care and interior design. I sometimes wish I continued with my love of drama and singing. 

10. I have 2 Guinea Pigs: Belle & Bambi.

11. Summer & Autumn are my favourite seasons, they make me happy!

12. I have a doll house which is designed in a Victorian Style.

13. I have an older sister called Emma and I am an auntie to her 2 children.

14. I used to take dancing, singing and drama lessons. I continued with drama, but have now stopped it for a while.

15. I love arts & crafts. I like to think of myself as a creative, imaginative person.

16. Still a massive lover/ fan of Twilight!

17. I love keeping fit. (Blogilates Follower- Check out her amazing fitness channel)

18. I absolutely LOVE fairy lights, I could literally just hang them anywhere and admire their prettiness.

19. I learnt Spanish privately just over a year with an amazing woman, and another following after that with my Spanish neighbor! Now I am continuing to learn it independently.

20. I always wish I had slightly thicker hair! (My hair colour is currently Ombre)

21. I have travelled to many countries abroad plus places in the UK.

22. I can NEVER find shoes to fit me! (slim feet problems!)

23. Celebrity Crush: Robert Pattinson.

24. I love cupcakes.

25. Addicted to hot chocolate! (Ever tried making your own with Nutella? mmm...).

26. I passed all my GCSE exams and got high grades (Hi-5!) (Except for Textiles and French, but oh well!).

27. When I am older I want to live somewhere near the seaside!

28. I reaaaalllyyyy want a King Charles Spaniel. 

29. I enjoy reading and learning about Space & Astronomy (the world is so interesting!).

30. My favourite fruits are: Pineapples & Strawberries!

31. I have 2 middle names.

32. I am scared of Wasps! They are realllyyy, reallyyyy SCARY (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE THEY WILL ATTACK US ALL) >_< Bees are fine :D

...*Goes back to normality*

33. My first word was "Dada".

34. I am fully British. 

35. Favourite singer is and will always be Selena Gomez, her dedication and kindness inspires me constantly. Who Says is the most meaningful song to me. But I know the lyrics to all of her songs!

36. I would like to have 2 children in the future.

37. I am a Gemini.

38. I have never broken anything *touches some wood*.

39. I get anxiety & panic attacks. (If you would like to read more about this, you can visit over here: 'Anxiety' & 'Panic Attacks').

40. I could watch videos on YouTube ALL day.

41. I'd love to visit Italy and Canada sometime. 

42. I HATE MUSHROOMS... everything about them, how they look, smell... don't even get me started on the taste...BLEGH!

43. Favourite movie genre? I cant decide, I like horrors occasionally and rom-coms? 

44. I hate being cold, I need to be cuddled a lot to keep warm!

45. I can't wait for the day I get married. I strongly feel I've already met the love of my life.

46. I would love one day to own my own shop or online shop.

47. I never have and never will smoke.

48. I have a poem and a short story published.

49.  I love travelling!

50. My blog is a big part of who I am, a big thank-you to all who reads!

See you nexxttt timmee!

Ciao! xxx

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