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Minnies | Good Morning Rainy World!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I really enjoyed my walk this morning!
Got out my polka dot umbrolly, put my wellies on...
 and away I went in the rain, splashing around! Yeeyy!
 *still a child in mind* :D 

Minnies | Inspiring Quote

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

"Success is a journey, not a destination"
Quote By- Ben Sweetland

Yesterday, I discovered this inspiring quote. 
We are always going to be learning new things. A journey is something we should enjoy, I am currently still undecided of what my future career will be but that is the point of the journey- it's exciting and unpredictable.

Evil Princesses

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Today I would like to start with a message I received from somebody that literally made me so happy.

"u r amazing wonderful awesome and everything
you made me believe in me
Thank you so much"

I received this message from creating a very special, a very personal page: Evil Princesses

I went through a lot of bullying as a child,

It was an emotional time as it would be for anyone. I knew that I wasn't the only one suffering from verbal bullying. I thought, 'what small thing could I do that may make people feel better in these situations'. Of course, I didn't have 'AmeBella' created at this time and therefore I turned to Facebook...I designed a page 'Evil Princesses' and posted things that would allow girls (boys have joined too which is absolutely fine) to feel better about themselves. The aim was to make someone who feels upset to come onto my page and smile, feel happy and be confident.

It isn't the best page in the world, I haven't made it to get any likes and that is not at all the reason I am writing about it here on my blog. I wrote it for a special reason only. I wanted to share it on my blog today just to present you with my page if any of you are reading this that may have low self-confidence, that may have a low self-esteem and self-image. My page is to remind you that having a kind heart will make you a kind person.

Believe in what you want to believe in. Achieve what you aim for.

Please don't let anyone stop you, ever.
Stay Strong Princesses!


I'd like to think it's unique ♥

Friday, 17 April 2015


Right from when I was a little girl, I have always been coming up with new & unique ideas.
To me and my imagination- the T.V remote was a library scanner when playing librarians, my wardrobe became my 'high school locker' when playing 'teenagers' and my bed would become a 'boat' when going on a 'holiday' with my friends and dollies. 

Strange, but unique. Sometimes, even now, I will come home from a long day out and about and think..."hmm, I have just had an amazing idea for some crafts" and I will produce some amazing things that I often share with you on my blog. 

 I will always try and make my blog unique and that's the reason why I enjoy my blog, I love writing on my own little space on the internet & I hope it's enjoyable for you to read.
 There's more to come from Minnie Memee (update: now AmeBella)! You just have to come on this journey with me.

Pinky Promise

Whatever it is, I always seem to have new ideas in my head and I would like to think the same about my blog. My blog design includes everything I like: my love for fairy lights, pastel colours, my guinea pigs...I wanted to give it a magical & warm feeling whenever someone clicks onto my blog.

 Again, my 'Minnies' are an example of something a bit different I do too, it's fun and short to read.
I will always try to make my blog posts special, I may have the occasional blog post which thousands may have done before such as my 50 Facts about me post, but mine will always be more unique.

I thought I would explain a little bit more about this blog and why it is different to others out there. It isn't the best but it's mine and I LOVE it, it is truly the best thing I have ever started.

I hope you love it too!

Ciao xxx

Future Design inspiration | On Pinterest!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I can safely say I spend waaayyy too much time on Pinterest!

I mainly spend my time on there looking through House Designs.
I have a really clear idea in my head what my dream house will be like when I move out. 

...Light...Pastel Colours...Near the Sea...

 These are a gather of just a FEW pictures I have found on Pinterest
 I literally own none of these! (I wish I did)

Aren't they cute idea's?!

What's your idea of a dream home?

Ciao! xxx

50 Facts about me!

Friday, 10 April 2015

You should by this point know quite a bit about my blog style. But I thought you might also like to know a bit about myself.
 Therefore, I felt this would be a fun little way to get you to know some things about myself. :)
1.  Everyone gives me the nick-name: Memee [me-me] (which gave me the name inspiration for my 'first' blog name).
2. I appear very shy, but once you get to know me I'm very warm and loving.

3. My favourite flower is a Lily.

4. I love pastel colours.

5. I'm in a very happy relationship with Gareth (Mr.T).

6. My favourite animal is a Koala Bear (aren't they the cutest?!)

7. I am a Disney girl. I love everything Disney.

8. My name 'Amelia' origins from Latin, it means 'striving'.

9. I am interested in animal care.

10. I have 2 Guinea Pigs: Belle & Bambi.

11. The sun makes me suuupperrr happy!...The cold makes me feel unhappy. May have some SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) going on there.

12. I have a doll house which is designed in a Victorian Style.

13. I have an older sister called Emma and I am an auntie to her 2 children.

14. I used to take dancing, singing and drama lessons. I continued on my love of drama, but have now stopped it for a while.

15. I love arts & crafts. I like to think of myself as a creative, imaginative person.

16. Still a massive lover/ fan of Twilight!

17. I love keeping fit. (Blogilates Follower- Check out her amazing fitness channel)

18. I absolutely LOVE fairy lights, I could literally just hang them anywhere and admire their prettiness.

19. I learnt Spanish privately just over a year with an amazing woman, and another following after that with my Spanish neighbor! Now I am continuing to learn it independently.

20. I always wish I had slightly thicker hair! (My hair colour is currently Ombre)

21. I have travelled to many countries abroad plus places in the UK.

22. I can NEVER find shoes to fit me! (slim feet problems!)

23. Celebrity Crush: Robert Pattinson.

24. I love cupcakes.

25. Addicted to hot chocolate! (Ever tried making your own with Nutella? mmm...).

26. I passed all my GCSE exams and got high grades (Hi-5!) (Except for Textiles and French, but oh well!).

27. When I am older I want to live somewhere near the seaside!

28. I reaaaalllyyyy want a Pomeranian Dog. (They are like little balls of fluff  & cuteness)

29. I enjoy reading and learning about Space & Astronomy (the world is so interesting!).

30. My favourite fruits are: Pineapples & Strawberries!

31. I have 2 middle names.

32. I am scared of Wasps! They are realllyyy, reallyyyy SCARY (RUN FOR YOUR LIFE THEY WILL ATTACK US ALL) >_< *Squeak*

...*Goes back to normality*

33. My first word was "Dada".

34. I am fully British. 

35. Favourite music/ singer is: Selena Gomez (also the occasional Drum & Bass).

36. If I had 2 children in the future, I would like a girl & a boy!.

37. I am a Gemini.

38. I have never broken anything *touches some wood*.

39. I get anxiety & panic attacks. (If you would like to read more about this, you can visit over here: 'Anxiety' & 'Panic Attacks').

40. I could watch videos on YouTube ALL day.

41. I'd love to visit Paris sometime. (This is where I would regret failing my French GCSE's here!).

42. I HATE MUSHROOMS... everything about them, how they look, smell... don't even get me started on the taste...BLEGH!

43. 3 top programmes I enjoy are: The Only Way Is Essex, Family Guy & The Big Bang Theory. (My favourites change all the time though!)

44. Summer is my favourite season.

45. I can't wait for the day I get married.

46. I would love one day to own my own shop.

47. I never have and never will smoke.

48. I have a poem and a short story published.

49.  I love the seaside!

50. I love my blog so so much, a big thank-you to all that reads!

See you nexxttt timmee!

Ciao! xxx

Happy Easter!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Heyo Everyone!

I hope you are all having a chocolate- filled Easter today! 

Here is a short and sweet post! (heh heh- get it?..."sweet") 
*cringes at my own awful joke*

I thought the Lindt chocolate looked adorable! It's a bit different to just having regular Easter Eggs!

 ...And a very Happy Easter from my two Girlies!
(Wheeeekk!!!!! Mummy made us Bunnies!)

What have you done today,
* Church?
*Egg Hunts?
               *Easter crafts/ activities?

Tell me in the comments below!

Ciao xxx

Minnies | Guinea Pig Lover!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thought today I would spend the day with my guinea's Belle & Bambi!
Here is a little snippet of Beautiful Belle! 

Anyone else dedicate a day to playing with their pets?

Also, check out this amazing group on Facebook! It makes my day seeing everyone's guineas!

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