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Soap & Glory Fantasy

Sunday, 29 March 2015

 Heyo Everyone!
I hope those of you that are on Easter Break are enjoying it! 

There is one thing I love about having some time off, and that is being able to relax...ahh... sitting in the sun now that it's starting to come out, movies, bubble baths.
Therefore, I'd like to share with you my crazy collection of Soap & Glory!

I find that although beautifully scented, it's also super nice on my skin and it leaves it feeling silky soft. I love how it is really feminine looking and Pink, I also enjoy reading their quirky little quotes on the products whilst in the bath. 

Bath Beauty

These are the little Beauties I have been enjoying in the bath with me recently.
(From Left to Right)
  • SUGAR CRUSH- Body Wash                                        (£10.50)                               
  • THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE- Body Scrub                  (£7.00)
  • THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER- Body Butter                   (£10.50)

  • BUTTER YOURSELF- Body Lotion              (£10.00) 
  • PEACHES AND CLEAN- 3 in 1 wash-off      (£8.00)

The Facial wash is a MIRACLE WORKER for facial softness! I love it!


The Makeup Range

The eye-shadow & Lip set come together along with the Soap & Glory bronzer, blush, lipstick aaaannnnddddd.. A mascara! Oh I say Soap & Glory, you do know how to spoil us ;)

The Lipgloss and the Mascara does exactly what they say buuutttt.. I have naturally big lips so I don't tend to use this lipgloss as often but it is really nice and if you are wondering, does it actually pump up your lips? YES YES YES! Enjoy the tingles ;)

I have still yet to try out the sample serum I got given, comment below those who have tried it,
what are your thoughts are



  • BUTTER YOURSELF- Smoothing Body Cream                 (£10.50)
  • THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER- Travel sized Body Butter     (2.50)
I LOVE travel sized ANYTHING! So of courseeeee I couldn't resist picking up everything mini sized!

This is such a good couple righ' 'ere!
This hand cream follows me everywhere. I greatly recommend it 
  • HAND FOOD- Non-Greasy Hydrating Hand Cream          (£5.00)
  • HEEL GENIOUS- Foot Mask                                              (£5.00)

Head on over to their site to check everything out:


Everything I have mentioned in this blog post is some of the Soap & Glory collection I currently have including their funky hair turban. I have tried a wide amount of products from their range and I find them all amazing, I find some of their smells can be quite over-powering but Soap & Glory overall never fail to let me down!

Enjoy your pink relaxation!  

Ciao! xxx

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