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My Minnie-Big Weekend

Monday, 9 March 2015

 I love when you have a really good weekend and it makes the Monday after feel so much less dull and drab!

I met up with one of my friends for a sleepover, the whole thing was all laughs and giggles!

Our sleepovers are usually the typical girly- pampering session: nails, munchies and shopping.

Let's open this chapter of the book of my weekend!
*opens with loads of glitter fluttering out*

"Once Upon a time..."


We should make these more often for breakfast!
They were yummy-licious!

Heart-shaped Nutella and Banana Bread! (This would be really nice toasted!)

My friend and I LOVE Nutella, by the end of making these we were practically eating the Nutella off of the spoon!

Shopping Time!

How could we have possibly gone in to town without taking a little trip into Lush!
It smells oh-so heavenly every time you walk in there! 

The Lush Items:

  • Wiccy Magic Muscles
  • Sex Bomb
  • Honey I Washed the Kids

We also got loads of beauty products, clothes and other items that I would personally like to share perhaps as a haul soon on my blog!

The weekend ended with a delicious meal out with my family at this beautiful restaurant, all the staff were so friendly and the food was ah-ma-zing!

 *Drools over the dessert*


I had such a good day in town!

 The one thing that made my day was walking into the Disney store! It's so special from the moment that you enter it, little kiddies running around super happy and little girls looking like mini princesses. I have never been Disneyworld before, so this is the closest I can get to Disney for now!
Have you been to Disneyworld yet? (If so, I'm jealous!)

I also saw one of my favourite people in town, it made my day just that little more magical.
That was definitely one of the best highlights!

Ciao xxx

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