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Mother's Day ❀

Sunday, 15 March 2015

 First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all Mummies out there, I hope you had a really lovely day!

These were some of the things that my mum had for her mother's day! 
I always make a little something for almost every occasion! So I decided to make a crafty-picture! 

This was another craft I made for mother's day. Simple cut-out card, strong glue & shells! 
Ahh I love shells! 

This was the Pandora Charm that we got my mum, it's really lovely! There were so many children going in with their daddies to the jewelers to get Pandora charms!

We spent most of the day going around the shops with my parents so that my mum could do some shopping, she bought herself a beautiful nightie from Marks and Spencer! They have really nice night- wear in there.

We made cupcakes!
Some of the icing went wrong, but they are sooooo good and we had loads of fun making them!

We ended the day having a super-delicious meal and my mum enjoyed her day which was the most important thing!

Mother's Day can be both happy and sad. We went to go visit my dad's mother today to lay flowers on her grave, it makes you remember how much our mothers mean to us.
 We all only get one mum who we should love and care for always, that's why today is really important.

I'd love to hear about your day, what was Mothering Sunday like for you? 

Comment below!

Ciao xxx

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