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What makes you happy?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Whenever you get to a stage that you're so happy, have you noticed time goes so quickly!?

Over the past few days I have been jotting down some notes of everything that makes me happy, they were to put in my little jar of happiness I talked about in my first blog post. But I thought that I would share a few of them with you to read, 
maybe you enjoy these things too?

The smell of the damp rain on the pavement.
I'm not sure why I like the smell of this, I guess it smells refreshing? Haha.

My book, although I don't usually have time to settle down and read a book. This one that I am currently reading has really got me to spare some time out in my day to read it. I never want it to end!

All my friends, sometimes it's easy to have fall outs but your true friends will always stick by you through thick and thin. I have amazing friends that I love so much they mean everything to me because I know I can tell them anything and they make me a more confident person. 
Also, I'd like to mention a particular special friend that is really AMAZING to me. This friend, let's call him Mr.T.. has helped me design my blog to the special little way that I liked and wanted it. I really appreciate everything that Mr.T does for me, nicest person I think I will ever meet and always makes me smile.

There have been so many times in my life where I didn't want to leave the house without having my makeup on. But there are special times where someone may say a compliment to you, even at times when you perhaps have no makeup on and you feel like you have just come from planet zoing! However, when this happens, like most of us, it makes me smile- even if I disagree with them heh, who knew a few kind words could make you gleam with joy and put happiness on your face, it just goes to show kindness does make a difference. I feel I have got to the stage now where if I leave my humble home with no makeup on...I'm okay with that. :)


Now this one may seem odd, but the big thing that made me happy on Sunday was...*drum roll* A London Bus! I don't live in London and I have only ever been there ONCE! It brought back all the memories of me and my friends going on a day trip there and it just made a little- big difference to the day.

Going on walks with my wellies splashing about in the puddles! I love this, the best part is when people are walking their doggies and they come up to you to meet you and they start jumping friendly at you. It's just so cute! 

The sun! I don't know where about some of you live, but here in my little location in the UK, there is actually SOME warmth to the atmosphere, the sun is trying its best to come out and say hello and it isn't frost- biting cold any more, however I still enjoy wrapping up warm. It makes me all cosy :3

My guinea pigs: Belle and Bambi
Both 6 month old baby girls which I got on Sunday (8th February)
I love them so much! Literally, they are like my little babies! 
I have only had them a few days and I already can't imagine my life without them!

Questions for you: 
...What do you love about your walks?
...What pets do you have?
Also, let me know what some of the things are that have made you happy in the last couples of days! 

Lots of love, 

Ciao xxx

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