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Minnies | It's a hard life being a guinea pig!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

It was a super hot day, considering it's Britain.
My sweet peas relaxed on the picnic blanket with me in the shade, it was adorable to see them stretched out. I had to wet them down a little bit from time to time so that they kept cool!

...Guinea pigs have it so easy!

Minnies | Highest point views

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"To get good views, you must first complete the climb"

We decided one late afternoon to go for a walk, it was cold, I wore the wrong shoe wear and we got lost and tired at points. However it was well worth it, we managed to find the highest point and have a nice hand in hand chit-chat along the way.

Masquerade Ball

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Well I have officially completed my course (almost, dang all the coursework!) and it will soon be time to say goodbye to my college friends as we each go off to different paths. Just like at most colleges, we had a leaving ball with a masquerade theme. Different right? I love having a theme rather than just a simple prom as it just spices things up a bit more.

 I went for this lacy pink dress which if I'm honest, I am kinda obsessed with. I know masquerade dresses are often dark and mysterious but I saw many dresses like this one when looking at different ideas and I just went with it. It was unique and very me.

Gareth looked handsome as always. 

Here's a few snippets of the evening:

 We didn't forget the masks, Gareth wanted to be a mysterious cat...oh boii. The evening was full of lights, laughter and dancing. 

 Gareth couldn't company me on my actual birthday as he was taking his exams, so instead he set up a loving surprise for me when we got home. I was to close my eyes and walk in and when my eyes began to open, there was a glow, I walk up to see it was the candles standing upon the yummiest of cakes, or was the glow from the beaming smile that was on my face?

There was also the most beautiful Pandora set I have ever seen. The ring was a promise ring, I wear it every single day without fail. Thank you for the most magical evening Gareth, I'm truly very lucky 

Did your school have any proms this year? What was the theme? 

Ciao x

Minnies | Seaside getaway

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A seaside getaway with the most perfect company.
I think it's important to ensure that once in a while, you take the time to just escape from it all, go somewhere calming to relax and just have fun. Let all your worries wash away...

A Valentine Rose

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Hello! I'm back again!

I really look forward to valentines day each year, it's not just for the flowers and the gifts, it's an appreciation day for the person you truly love with all you heart. Life gets us kinda busy, there are so many things that are going on in the world that sometimes we don't set aside time to appreciate our partners as much as they deserve.

That being said I also look forward to surprising Mr.T with something special and writing loving messages in cards. The roses above that Mr.T gave to me is always very much alive, they are just constantly growing and blooming and it's beautiful each and every time. 
Every so often he cuts a rose off to bring it to me, and I love it, it makes me so happy.

I love what we have, it's special.

A Touch of Autumn

Sunday, 30 October 2016


One thing I look forward too most in Autumn is the colourful walks, a touch of Autumn is all it takes to make me feel warm and cosy. I really love being out in the woodlands, kicking through the leaves, listening to wildlife and just unwinding. I often bring along an oversized scarf, a flask of hot chocolate and lets not forget my camera. Its all extremely beautiful and tranquil.

Ciao x

Handmade with love ♥

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


I hope you're all having a lovely day!

 I wanted to make a special handmade card, it isn't very good, but I kinda like it. I just love 3D cards they're a lot of fun to make!

Ciao x

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