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Our Tree house Adventure

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

There's nothing I love more than spending a few nights in a hotel room, there's just something so lovely about it and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's the crisp white sheets or the fact that you don't have to keep it tidy and maintained, or maybe its the spa like feeling you get when you get free little toiletries. Whatever it is, I love it. 

Most hotel rooms are the same, you get a bed, a vanity area, a bathroom and often a balcony and that's basically all you need. Gareth and I went down to Bournemouth last weekend to visit an old school friend of his, it was such a lovely weekend exploring Christchurch and Bournemouth itself I really like it there. However, back to the topic of hotels, I've always wanted to go somewhere completely different to what I have ever experienced before, I heard about a tree house at Chewton Glen a while ago and I've always thought it was so unique, little did I know, it was close by to Bournemouth. 

And here it is! As a child I never had a tree house, Gareth did. The closest thing I had was a little Wendy house in the back of the garden which I loved so much and it is my ultimate childhood memory. The Chewton Glen tree houses were not how you would imagine a typical tree house to be, but instead it was a luxury pad with everything you needed and lets not forget to say how warm it was. When we arrived, we were escorted to the tree house in a golf buggy which took us through the beautiful woodland area, the grounds were kept really nice and it was so tranquil and peaceful, just as I imagined it to be, the air was so fresh and I already miss being near the forest. I can only imagine how blissful it must be to go there in winter with all the snow.

 Let us take a moment to appreciate how amazing the interiors were, the tree house itself is circular to give it a real tree house feel, the furniture adds to this good vibe as it is shaped with the room. The semi- circular sofas and the round tables really added to the space and made it easy flowing. There was log wood potted around which visually made it feel so much warmer. The cushions and throws were little additions added that are so effortless but look so cosy, they even provided water bottles with knitted jumpers on for each person that sat upon the beds which I loved. I felt like I had stepped inside a cosy nest.

This was the view from the main bed, there's something so calming about this. Not to mention that the balcony has a hot tub! The tree houses allowed in a lot of light, and the large doors and windows really brought the outside, inside by giving people such breathtaking views. The table outside made it perfect for an outdoor picnic in summer.

The tree houses had an extra room for children or for those that visit with large families. It had a vertical ladder/staircase that lead up into this additional room which I though was genius. It really added to a real life tree house feel. The flow of wood around each of the rooms really gave it this realistic feel as though we were in an actual tree.

Here you can see again the water bottles provided on each of the beds, this room had two small singles. I found it to be a cute little room with woodland animals scattered around for pillows and plushies. The light flowed effortlessly into this room with the skylight windows which are perfect for admiring the stars at night. The tree houses provided everything you could ever want...and more. from a constant flow of food with a traditional tree house hamper delivered through a hatch and plenty of entertainment systems, with a television and Gareth's favourite, a touch gaming table. The secret hatch meant you could have your food delivered to you without you seeing anybody, which allowed you to have plenty of privacy.

 Now you may find this odd, but I love romantic bathrooms. Yes, bathrooms. I think there's just something so romantic about a his and hers sink and a stand alone bath by the windows. These tree houses are very private and so having a soak in a bubble bath with the blinds open and lighting a few candles is just perfect. I'm also obsessed with having a 'his and hers' sink area, maybe I'm just a little odd but it makes me excited for married life. Yes, reading that back, even I think I sound odd, but I find it all so romantic here.

 We ended our Chewton Glen experience with some lunch in the bar area. Chewton Glen tree houses will always be my favourite place to be. One day if I have children, I hope to bring them along here to experience this or even better, to build one of our own as a family, although, I cannot guarantee it'll quite so luxurious and modern. Instead I'll keep it very old school which is just as lovely.

Meeting the Sacconejolys!

Friday, 27 October 2017

Just as the post title says, today, I met the lovely Anna and Jonathan. 
The Sacconejolys are a family that share their lives every single day with vlogs on YouTube and I have been subscribed to their channel since the days Anna was pregnant with Eduardo. Every day at 6pm, mum and I watch and enjoy their vlogs.

They had a book signing at Milton Keynes for their new book, The Great Cat Nap (Congratulations on becoming an author Jonathan!). Despite my age, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it is exactly what I would have picked up as a child even if I had never heard of the Sacconejolys before. I never expected to go down to Milton Keynes, but as great as he is, Gareth surprised me by picking me up and taking me there to meet them.

They were just as lovely in person as they appear on camera. Anna looked even more beautiful in person and Jonathan was his happy self even despite the fact we were one of the last people in the queue  and they must have been exhausted by this point, (apparently Milton Keynes queue was one of the longest ones they had at the book signing tours). Just to hug them and to have my book signed by them both was amazing.

Gareth joined in on the photo, he's a good sport. Whilst he may not religiously watch them everyday like I do, he watches them with me whenever we are together. I'm very thankful to him for this whole experience. If you would like to hear the excitement in my voice from this day and to know more about my thoughts on the book then check out my YouTube video that I'll link below now for you.

I'll also leave the link to the vlog on their channel of the Milton Keynes book signing below. You can spot us towards the end of the video in the queue.

It was an amazing day meeting two lovely people. My mum would have loved to have gone but she had to work, but who knows, maybe a new book will be out soon and she can meet them then! Hope you guys enjoyed this slightly different post today, it was something I definitely wanted to document here on my blog.
Here's a few extra snippets:

Minnies | It's a hard life being a guinea pig!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Today, my sweet peas relaxed on the picnic blanket with me in the shade.
...Guinea pigs have it so easy!

Zante 2017 - The holiday of dreams

Saturday, 26 August 2017

The last time I went to visit the beautiful country of Greece was when I was 13 with my parents and we stayed in Rhodes, it was my first 'grown up' holiday where there was nothing for children as such, and more of a place to get away to relax in peace and quiet and I loved it. 

Myself and Gareth have just come back from Zante and my goodness it was amazing (we went from the 18th August - 25th) We stayed in Argassi which is a small quiet village (away from all the clubs) and it was my first time going abroad without my parents which is kind of a big deal but I loved the responsibility. Isn't is funny how much can change in just 6 years from my first 'grown up' holiday. 

The breakfast area of the hotel was on the rooftop, they would open the roof in the evening for people that had evening meals there. We chose the breakfast only option as we wanted to explore the Greek restaurants. I have had Greek food before with my parents, but there were still some dished that I hadn't tried as I always used to play it very safe with foods and ate only what I knew. However, this year i tried moussaka (s it odd that I never had that before?) and a platter of all the different foods, my favourite meal has to be the Greek pizza, it was probably the biggest pizza I have ever had in my life...and probably the best tasting pizza too.

Everyday we did something completely different, one of the loveliest days had to be riding a little tourist train (it wasn't real) down the road to the town of Zankyntos, we got to explore the beautiful streets and shops and learnt a lot about the town's history in the museum. We were lucky enough to be able to witness the St.Dennis festival on the last night here which is a celebration in his honour that happens twice a year, there was fireworks too which we thoroughly enjoyed, seeing the town lit up was even more magnificent.

Can you believe that the hotel left a load of floats around for people to use, how cool do I look on this donut? Haha just kidding. It was however so much fun, I am craving some donuts now.

On the last day, we went on a turtle cruise, this was probably by far the most incredible thing we did in Argassi. The cruise allowed us to go to caves and hidden beaches that we could only access by boat, we went snorkling and saw so much under the clear waters, you can tell just by the photos how pure the water was there, although, very salty. Towards the end we had the opportunity to spot some endangered loggerhead turtles, they are very protected here and we had to be quiet at all time, there were a lot of rules in place for the boats in order to keep them safe. Not many people get the chance to see these turtles but we spotted two! The cruise lasted all day, and the money went towards a charity that protects them so it was all for a good cause too. We learnt so much, the images we got of the turtle aren't too clear by the videos I have are spectacular, I may have to upload a few clips in my holiday vlog over on my YouTube channel for you guys!

I'll send you all off with this beautiful sunset. This definitely isn't the last time in Argassi as I'd love to return again soon, maybe even to the same hotel as it was so lovely. As always thank you so muh for all your lovely comments from time to time, it's so nice to be able to share my experiences with you all, I highly suggest that if ever you get the chance, go to Argassi, it was such a wonderful experience there and it was a holiday to remember amongst many other holiday memories with my family growing up. It was fun being able to be independent, but I enjoy holidays with my mum and dad too, they're special. I love them both so much. 

As I am writing this, it is the 26th August and Gareth and I have just celebrated our 2 year anniversary together with cheesecake. I love you more than I love cheesecake Gareth. Happy 2 years together, thank you for always making me so happy, I am lucky to have you.

Minnies | Highest point views

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"To get good views, you must first complete the climb"

We decided one late afternoon to go for a walk, it was cold, I wore the wrong shoe wear and we got lost and tired at points. However it was well worth it, we managed to find the highest point and have a nice hand in hand chit-chat along the way.

Masquerade Ball

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Well I have officially completed my course (almost, dang all the coursework!) and it will soon be time to say goodbye to my college friends as we each go off to different paths. Just like at most colleges, we had a leaving ball with a masquerade theme. Different right? I love having a theme rather than just a simple prom as it just spices things up a bit more.

Before I tell you more about the enchanting night, if you would like to see a 'Masquerade GRWM' then go over to my new video now where I feature everything I wore to the ball.
Link to my video here: Masquerade GRWM

 I went for this lacy pink dress which I am kinda obsessed with. I know masquerade dresses are often dark and mysterious but I saw many dresses like this one when looking at different ideas on pinterest and I just went with it. It was unique and very me. 

Here's a few snippets of the evening:

 We didn't forget the masks, Gareth wanted to be a mysterious cat....let's just say he loves cats. The evening was full of lights, laughter and dancing. 

 Gareth couldn't company me on my actual birthday as he was taking his exams, so instead he set up a loving surprise for me when we got home. I was to close my eyes and walk in and when my eyes began to open, there was a glow, I walk up to see it was the candles standing upon the yummiest of cakes, or was the glow from the beaming smile that was on my face?

There was also the most beautiful Pandora set I have ever seen. The ring was a promise ring, I wear it every single day without fail. Thank you for the most magical evening Gareth, I'm truly very lucky 

Did your school have any proms this year? What was the theme? 

Minnies | Seaside getaway

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A seaside getaway with the most perfect company.
I think it's important to ensure that once in a while, you take the time to just escape from it all, go somewhere calming to relax and just have fun. Let all your worries wash away...

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